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K100711-003 Brutus

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K100711-003 Brutus

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Sneaker for men in brown with details in burgundy and light brown. Fabric and leather upper with laces and beige 51 % recycled EVA outsole.
A Little Better, Never Perfect
Our Brutus men's shoes combine textile uppers with lightweight soles and a cushioned footbed to create a dynamic, urban look.




Natural fabric (67% Cotton) / Nubuck (Calfskin)
XL EXTRALIGHT® for lightness and shock absorption
EVA for lightweight
360º stitched for durability
Removable footbed with cushioning system
100% Recycled Cotton
A Little Better*
Leather Working Group Certified**

Product Care

Our shoes are made with carefully selected, premium materials. The use of the right shoe care products will ensure these styles are protected and will last for a long time.

1. For extra protection, apply Nanopro Waterproofing Spray. 
A Little Better*
Our goal to continually improve our product and reduce our impact. To be considered A little Better, a shoe must have at least 50% of its composition using better materials whilst maintaining the same standards of quality, durability and comfort that we always expect. Our aim is that all shoes fit this criteria by 2025.
Leather Working Group Certified**
Uses leather from tanneries rated by the Leather Working Group (LWG). The LWG assesses and promotes sustainable environmental practices across the leather industry.



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