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k100539-014 Match

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k100539-014 Match

15.900 kr


Sandal for men in green, brown and grey, made of 100% recycled PET fabric. Velcro closure. Blue and green 85% EVA and 15% rubber outsole.A Little Better, Never PerfectWith its contemporary approach, our Match has an ergonomic fit and a contemporary, sporty silhouette.





Technical fabric (100% recycled PET)
multicolor (green, brown and grey)
EVA and rubber for lightweight and better grip
Velcro closing system for easy fit
70% EVA 30% Fabric (100% Recycled PET)
A Little Better*
Recycled Material**

Product Care

Our shoes are made with carefully selected, premium materials. The use of the right shoe care products will ensure these styles are protected and will last for a long time.

1. For extra protection, apply our Nanopro Waterproofing Spray.
A Little Better*
Our goal to continually improve our product and reduce our impact. To be considered A little Better, a shoe must have at least 50% of its composition using better materials whilst maintaining the same standards of quality, durability and comfort that we always expect. Our aim is that all shoes fit this criteria by 2025.
Recycled Material**




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