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Peu 46477-044


Peu 46477-044

27.900 kr


Made using the Strobel construction technique, our iconic women's brown ankle boots are modeled to the shape of the foot and offer extraordinary flexibility, making it feel like you're walking barefoot. The elastic laces provide a stable fit, while the 360° stitching adds extra durability. The furry linings lock in the heat, while the lightweight TPU outsoles are crafted using Contact Earth Technology, which makes them abrasion resistant.


Color: black
TPU Outsole with Contact Earth Technology: Abrasion resistance
360º Stitching: greater durability.
Leather Working Group Certified
Lining: 93 % Fabric (80% Wool - 20% Polyester) 7 % Fabric (60% Nylon - 40% PU)

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